Sunday, December 7, 2008


A friend recently brought some friends to first Wednesday at church. a group of them that had not been to a seacoast like service, and certainly not one like first Wednesday.
During commitment time, and other portions during worship, some proceeded and deemed it appropriate to continue to talk, be loud, and, not worship. right in the middle of all that were.
after ignoring the distractions and getting on with her worship and trying to make a quiet but subtle point to her friends being rude and distracting she finally turned to them and said "guys! people are trying to worship!"

even she couldn't worship. and this was the time. distractions.
after i heard this, i couldn't help but think, "isn't this the way we should feel when we walk out of the church doors?"
not a hate for friends or the world.
but why do the very same distractions seem to no longer be so subtle to us when we're not at church, going through the motions of worship?
Shouldn't every step of of everyday have the intention of glorifying God?
but we get used to the distractions, and fail to realize the influence of the world holding back our glorifying steps for the world.

why can't we seem to find that niche. where we are so on fire to glorify God with everything that we do that we are screaming at the rest of the world to: "shut up! i'm trying to live! i'm trying to worship!"

we have come to go along with the set backs and distractions all around us, never noticing until we are, once again, back in church, on our knees wondering how we fell apart.
failing to realize the little things that eat us away, and don't glorify Him.