Saturday, April 12, 2008

on fire?

Being on fire for God is more than just words, it's a commitment, a statement and a promise. When your so in love with God wouldn't he be the first thing to come up in your conversation? i think so. But being on fire and fufilling that promise, some people don't seem to get. They continue to devote half of their effort twards God, and the rest to their self, or someone else. My interpretation of it is, when living for God, every little bit counts. It's not just one slip up, it's just on smoke, i only one kiss, i didn't read the bible this morning it's okay. It's the little things in life that don't give glory to God that make all the difference and set you back further than you realize. Why isn't God the first thing that comes out of your mouth? Why don't you want to simply read the bible with others and discuss and talk about it? The bible was meant to be read together, not by yourself. You get the most benefit of it when reading it with others, bouncing ideas and interpretation off of each other. In bible times towns would only have one bible, and they did just that, read it together and grew. Is your life consumed with God. Or polLuted with the world. Their i no half way commitiment, it's all or nothing. You're lying to yourself about it any way so do you know where you stand with God?

If you were to tell me you're on fire for God, i'll hold you to it. We all love seeing that in other people, it fuels others, it's contagious. But come on, i couldnt do it on my own. It blew my mind when i finally saw how selfish people could be, weither it's the way you treat your friends or the way you spend your time. you're living for a higher purpose. stop looking at the ground. Grow up, it's bigger than you. The gossip, the dating, the lies, the material stuff you must have. it's all disgusting, to me and i'm sure God. Isnt he the one you should be caring about? 

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