Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Children Stories & The Bible

simple childrens stories have nice little morals and meanings and virutes we learn and children.
even the little TV shows on nick jr. or sunday morning cartoons.
how to share
not to hate
to love
friends are valuiable
parents do the best for you
love your enemy
you're always a winner
and so on.

every onece in a while you may hear one of these stories.
one that you havent heard in awhile.
or land on a TV channel with a kid show on it.
maybe your reading it to another kid.
or maybe in a libiary,
or on the internet.
we have all, at one point, run into one of these stories or shows as an adult.
and we couldnt help but notice the moral or lesson it was trying to instll.

because it was meant for kids.
litte kids learning.
hearing the good, and the right way to be.

Most of us, looking at those stories think, how cute that has a good meaning.
good moral.
sometimes we get caught in that little moment.
like a kid.
thining: hey, that's something everyone should hear and understand, why don't ppl feel that way!?
we see these raw do's and don'ts that we only thought applied to children.

but we fail to realize we still are all children; learning, growing.
these same lessons are taught to us, in adult words, adult implications, and real life stories.
in the Bible.

but wait, on no, those are simple morals and virtues. we know those.
the Bible just pushes it too serious.
we know that stuff. we dont need some book to baby us like we havent heard that stuff before.

those lessons we learned as a kid, still apply.
and when we hear them, it itches at our little child inside.
God wants to show us that we are his very loved children.
no one is too old to learn a virtue.
The Bilble is full of them.

But i'm thinking then. why are so many 'afraid' of the Bible
or hesitent i should say, to read it and hear it?
is it taking those childish stories and making them too serious for you?
they aren't important enough to be put in a grand book.

maybe we are so oblivious to the bigger picture that the Bible has to offer here.
we are dumb sheep
babies, still learning.
soak it up.
don't try to grow up too fast.
you'll just miss out more.
jumping ahead, you miss the most fufilling things.
even if your 50 you are still growing
every time you hear those chld stories through older eyes you get a sense of being a child
growing up again.

Go back and be a kid.
read the bernstein bears
or watch an episode of little bear, or franklin
or barney
or whatever you grew up reading/watching.

The Bible is beautiful.
in that it is simply for us.
to live by
to learn from
an offering.
why pass up the opprounity to be taught the greatest lessons, by the smartest teacher,
and sit in aw
like your 4 again
in a circle, at the libiary for story time.

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