Thursday, May 22, 2008

screwing up

Screwing up for some reason terribly frowned upon to alot of people. It's happened to everyone, everyone screws up. But it's happened to me and a bunch of other people, where we've screwed up, but quickly find that we've been exiled. alright ok then i can do it on my own, i've got my own faith.

I did my share of putting forth my effort into a friendship or try to get their attention, but out of love. But soon enough 2 years go by, and what are you to them? They dont know, they have another priority now. It's ok i can do it on my own, i've got my own faith.

Well that works for only so long. But who do  you go back to? I've got my God, but never did i have someone that wanted to do that smallgroup and dive into the word with, and just talk about God. For some reason they didnt want that, the would rather have a dance party, or go cuddle with the girlfriend or boyfriend. It really shows where their priorities are.

I was broken hearted when i was so on fire for God, and everyone else was in  their own world, and wanted nothing to do with that. But i reached out to people, but nothing. Maybe i was reaching out to the wrong people, the people i was told that would hold me accountable, didn't care to. Where was their heart? When i was to make a mistake you would assume that i did it out of my evil heart, so you would leave me be. Not knowing that treating a friend like that, with no support is they way they fall away. I've seen so many people fall away, the main reason being because no one cares to invest in them, so they say what do they care. all they want is that support from a friend. John 15:13 says "No greater love a person can so is die for his friends." How come followers of Christ don't live this up. only for them selves, they think, "Oh their of no use to me.....what am I getting out of the relationship?..."

The true friends are the ones that will call you and ask how your doing. They are the ones who may not always be around but they are the ones who care for your heart. If you can think of no one that does that, then maybe you should check your heart, and start reaching out. You make the first step, if you wait for someone else to do it, it'll never happen.

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  1. dude love it! keep blogin.. at first when you made a comment on my blog site.. i thought you were this thugnation guy or something hahaha.. love you bro! i wanted to start a small group with you but you are leaving me!