Monday, September 8, 2008


College, my friends, is diffrent. as of right now, about 3 weks into it, i still havent quite got adjusted. it hasn't set in. The people act just like high schoolers, and dont know what to do with them selves. my roommates are cool we all get along fine.

When we're not in class, good luck trying to find something to do around here, cause there's nothing. to do at all. if you do want to do anything you have to drive to get there. everything is all spread out. But we've been fishing a couple times at my grand fahers place in beaufort witch isnt too bad to take up time.

classes are picking up. and it's becoming very obvious that i'm gonna have to work my butt off if i want to transfer out of here. so we'll see. i'll let the strees roll off.

i'm taking a bible litutature class, withch has been the highlight of my week, cause it's something i actually want to study. and the teacher is cool, she's maried to a pastor of an AME church, and they are crazy so it's cool, ther's only 3 ppl in the class too, witch is nice.

but my speech class teacher is out there. he has some sort of problem with religion, he mock's it alot, but then he'll quote the bible. but then again the devil can quote the bible right? well he rubbs me wrong, and like to call people out on their faith, so it's intresting, i like a challenge though.

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