Friday, September 12, 2008

Got a job

Me and my friend Bryan got a job here at the school. we're doing tech stuff kinda like what i did at seacoast, running audio fo small events, and fixing technical and computer problems. it's fun, and i'm getting paid to do it this time so even better! hah

let's hope i can keep all this work balanced and keep my grades up.

i have a speech coming up on what most impresses you about america. and i'm thinking about doing it on something about how people push God out of the government and how so many ppl think God is a concept! that negatively impresses me about america! that everyone accepts that now. what happened to God is there and we dont argue with that, everyone thinks they're so much smarter than everyone that's ever lived and they can just figure it out them selves! thatnk you so much for clearing it up for us because we've been wrong for 2000 years! but thanks that your genious short years you've lived so far, you've got it figured out!

people cant just come in and push this stuff around, it's not right. so in my speech class, to the religon hating guy, i plan on speaking about that. so i'll let you know how that goes

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  1. i just came upon your blog. you have a great writing personality. good blog. keep it up. hope your doing well! ashley & darrell