Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brother Barry

Today I attended new life united pentocstal church.. A totally different feel, but it was stil church, the pastor still spoke truth, used the same bible and worshiped the same God. And every person on the congregation must have come up and shook my hand, including the head pastor! What an amazing concept: a church body that actually KNEW their congregation! And the main pastor was playing the guitar on stage! in the back, behind the keyboardist, in his suit, and then for up and gave the sermon. that's humility!

The average person that would attend even a new age evangical church today would find the atmosphere uncomfortable due to their carasmatic all open worship. I found If I was able to get rid of these uncomfortable content feelings of controle I could feel the presence just like any other church.
Though the doffrences in the ppl, atmosphere, and the delivery of the sermon is diffrent it is still worship and words from God. When it comes down to it that's just all the diffrence is: delevery. Why does it make a diffrence in how the gospel is delivered? After all the bible is open for intruptation, right?

So what if we get past the words that we don't want to hear, or the actions we don't want to do? Isn't that our flesh getting in the way? Isn't that us looking out for number one? And how we want to feel? Or what we would rather be told?
If you can do that you could actuallly find he presence of God if u actully put yourself aside for just 5 mins. and maybe you'll learn somehing new...or feel the presnce in a diffrent way. after all it's all for him anyway right?
Take yourself out of the equasion, cause it's God you'll answer to in the end, not yourself.

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