Sunday, August 30, 2009

"you're going where?"

Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of someone. A character in a book or in a movie?
Ever thought that we’re living in a story. Ever thought what your role is. We always wonder through life aspiring to be something. Something gets in the way? Is it our lives that get in the way? What stops us from grasping it? Who’s story are we living? Is someone telling us what to do or where to go?

We have… we all love movies and stories. our lives seem to be consumed with movies, TV shows, other peoples’ lives; the challenges they face and the lessons they learn.
Why are we so entranced my others adventures?
We seem to relate to or aspire to be these fictional characters. But what stops us?
When our lives have purpose, only then do we fully embrace life and live it to the fullest.

The characters in these stories are merely people who have goals and are living the story they’ve been placed in. they’re truly unique in every story. Just like each one of us is unique to our own story.

These stories are attractive and they all teach valuable lessons. Given the timeline is a lot shorter than out life span, but it’s all very much the same. We make critical decisions everyday in our lives that seem to hold the weight of the world.
Critical decisions towards what? Every path leads somewhere….right? A sequence of events that leads these characters somewhere…right? But it’s comforting to know that in these stories…we all know that in the end they will be happy and all will be back to normal…
But that just doesn’t happen, they have to suffer and fight first…right?
Isn’t that what makes it all worth while?

Life, as it is a journey. Everyone calls it a path or a road anyway. This seems to be what every character has. Direction, but they know where they’re going. When they know where they’re going. Maybe not how they’re going to get there…but that doesn’t matter…they’ll do whatever it takes.

Decisions may be harder to make, but with a goal in mind…little sacrifices, bumps in the road, scrapes and bruises don’t seem to matter as much. these lessons we learn get us closer to ultimately to our destiny, or our purpose we’re trying to fulfill.

We wonder what’s next, even in our relationships, but that’s just it. But that’s just it…are you waiting for someone else to make the decision for you?
Because if we don’t have a goal…who’s leading us and influencing our decisions….?
Shouldn’t their be some sort of solid ground underneath us? Morals? Guidelines? Truths? What ever we do, or what ever happens we will see the right and wrong in it in the end…
That’s different for us all, but what is true is the same for all of us.

When you look back when you get older are you going to wonder what happened.

Have you ever tried to go somewhere and not know where you were going? Driving and got lost? It’s hard to know at what point you got lost. If you went 400 miles in the wrong direction on the highway, you can’t just get a quick fix to get you back in the right place.
The same is true when you try to turn around after ten years of decisions in your life…no quick fix.

are we really living every day and putting every effort towards that retirement home in Florida??
I’m glad to know that I’m seeking a four-year college education so that I can on day live happily on the beach playing checkers.

I recently saw the movie “UP”
If you haven’t it reflects this perfectly….the old man had a goal in life and was happy in the pursuit of it….
But it never came…life got in the way?
He never felt truly alive until the moment he threw everything out and started a new adventure.
After all he reached his goal….sat in his chair…but then what?

We move to Florida? Live a life of relaxation? But then what?
Grasp the bigger picture and there will be no regret

Is that what we’re really living for? Or is there a bigger story here? Are we fulfilling the role that we’re created to? or told to?

So we can ultimately satisfy ourselves with relaxation in the nice cool air-conditioning.
We all remember those times where we lived on the edge and lived to experience the thrill…

What do we ever learn from being comfortable? In our familiar places we keep all under our control.

So take a look at the big picture. These are simple lessons your parents always told you; to live for your dream,
die doing what you love, because there…only then do we live. When we’re willing to risk it all. Because in the end we lose it all anyway, will you follow your heart?

EPIC by John Eldridge
"The principal of the path" by Andy Stanley

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